The major source of living is agriculture. There are few industries in near by the place : Two Jute Mills and two flour mills. The jute mills known as Purana Mill and Naya Mill once shaped the characteristics of the town. But these two Mills are not functional since long back. There are units which are producing agricultural products in Tingachhiya. The rice industry is a flourishing business in this area.The industry here, is mainly agro based. Banana, Jute, Maize are the main cash crop of the farmers of the Katihar district. One of the agro-based industry to join the group is Makhana. The Makhana Phodi (the place where edible makhana is produced from raw makhana) is growing fast. The cloth market here dealing in cotton and sarees is very vibrant and caters to nearby districts and the bordering countries of Nepal and Bangladesh. There are also a couple of old cycle trading companies with huge turnover. Pharmaceuticals business is also pretty good with huge turnover. The main crops are Paddy, Jute, Makhana, Banana, Wheat, Maize and Pulses.