About District

Katihar district is one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar state, India, and Katihar town is the administrative headquarter of the district. The district is a part of Purnia Division. Katihar district is a located in north eastern part of Bihar State in India. It is one of the largest district which occupies area of 3,056 Sq KM.

Katihar District is an Amalgamation of 3 Sub-Divisions (Katihar, Barsoi, Manihari) following by the 16 Blocks (Katihar, Dandkhora, Hasanganj, Korha, Sameli, Falka, Kursela, Barari, Mansahi, Pranpur, Barsoi, Balrampur, Azamnagar, Kadwa, Manihari and Amdabad)

The district latitude and longitude is 25.5422194 , 87.5645687

After Census 2011 Katihar district became one of the populous district in Bihar State with total population of 3,071,029 and the sex ratio was 916 Female per 1000 Male.

The district covers 4  major rivers GANGA, KOSHI, MAHANANDA and RIGHA.

Maize, Wheat, Banana and Rice are main predominant crops of district. The district is also good producer of Green Vegetables which is dominated by Potato, onion and Cauliflowers.