District department wise details of government officials and services appear here such as department name, contact person name and contact details.

Name Designation Phone Number Mobile Number E-mail ID
Sri Amit Kumar DDC 06452-231657(O) 9431818382 ddc-katihar-bih[at]
ADM General 06452-239635(O) 9473191376 adm-kat-bih[at]
Sri Swayambhu Priya ADM PGRO 06452-242400(O) 9431632826 dist.pgro.katihar[at]
Sri Akhilesh Kumar Establishment Section N/A 9934908890 estt-kat-bih[at]
Sri Vipin Kumar Yadav General Section N/A 9905215000 general-kat-bih[at]
Sri Shankar Sharan District Najarat Section 06452-239538 8987287108 ndc-kat-bih[at]
Sri Akhilesh Kumar Legal Section N/A 9934908890 legal-kat-bih[at]
Sri Akhilesh Kumar Record Room N/A 9934908890 abhilekh-kat-bih[at]
Sri Vipin Kumar Yadav Banking Section N/A 9905215000 bank.kat.bih[at]
Socio-Economic Caste Census N/A 9934634907 census-kat-bih[at]
Sri Pramod Kumar Disaster Section N/A 9430925441 admreliefkati[at]
Sri Somnath Singh District Revenue Section N/A 9973892389 revenue-kat-bih[at]
Sri Vipin Kumar Yadav District Development Section N/A 9905215000 N/A
Sri Shankar Sharan Officer-in-Charge,Devlopment,Katihar N/A 8987287108 oicdev-kat-bih[at]
Sri Amrendra Kr. Pankaj Officer-in-Charge,Devlopment,Katihar N/A 8292000997 oicdev-kat-bih[at]
Sri Akhilesh Kumar Nodal Officer (RTPS) N/A 9934908890 rtpskatihar[at]
Sri Pramanand Kumar Jan Shikayat Section N/A 9931264373 pg-kat-bih[at]
Sri R N Singh Civil Surgeon,Katihar 06452-241967 katihar.cs[at]
Sri Dinesh Chandra Dev District Education Officer 06452-249705 8544411441 deokatihar.edn[at]
Sri Chandradev Prasad District Agriculture Officer N/A 9431818755/9955213035 dao-kat-bih[at]
Sri Ram Kumar Poddar Director,DRDA N/A 9431818438 dnep-kat-bih[at]
Sri Pawan Mishra District Welfare Officer 06452-239096 9430030440 dist.welfare.ktr[at]
Sri Pawan Mishra District Program Officer (I.C.D.S) 06452-239096 9430030440 dpo_katihar[at]
Sri Akshay Ranjan Assistant Director,Social Security N/A 9471830858 adsskatihar[at]
Sri Faiyaz Akhtar District Minority Welfare Officer 06452-230295 9199468418 min.welfare.katihar[at]
Sri Brajesh Kumar Wikal District Public Relation Officer N/A 9431445940 dpro-kat[at]
Sri Pramanand Kumar District Land Acquisition officer N/A 9931264373 dlao-kat-bih[at]
Sri Pramod Kumar District Supply Officer N/A 9430925441 dsokatihar[at]
Sri Faiyaz Akhtar District Panchati Raj Officer N/A 9199468418 dpro-kat-bih[at]
Sri Arun Kumar Mishra Excise Superintendent 06452-239440 9473400643/9955768851 katihar-excise[at]
Sri Amrendra Kumar Pankaj District Transport Officer 06452-230094 8292000997 dto-katihar-bih[at]
Sri S.S.Tripathi Motor Vehicle Inspector N/A 8294358275 N/A
Sri Sanjay Kumar Treasury Officer, Katihar 06452-239364 9470740302 to_katihar[at]
Sri Rajendra Mochi Deputy Treasury Officer,Barsoi N/A 9430634783 N/A
Sri Ram Babu Deputy District Election Officer, Katihar 06452-239911 8544429925 dyeo.katihar[at]
Sri Monirul Sekh Sub Election Officer, Katihar N/A 9470058263/8544429926 N/A
Sri Gulfam Sub Election Officer, Barsoi N/A 86030189801/8544429927 N/A
Sri Paras Nath Choudhary District Statical Officer N/A dsostatkatihar[at]
Sri Simon Tirki District Palaning Officer 06452-239240 9431884296 dpo-kat-bih[at]
Sri Maniranjan District Sub Registrar,Katihar 06452-239175 9525054725 dsr.katihar[at]
Sri Priyadarshan Sub Registrar,Barsoi 06451-290200 9631546927 subregistrar.boe[at]
Sri Ravi Shankar Tiwary Assistnat Director (Child Protection Unit) N/A 9102877678 N/A
Sri Manoj Kumar Pandey District Fieshries Officer N/A 9473191561 N/A
District Provident Fund Officer N/A N/A
Dr.Indra Deo Mandal District Animal Husbandry Officer N/A 9431412534 N/A
Sri Ram Naresh Pandey District Co-Operative Officer N/A 9431692615 N/A
Sri Sujeet Kumar Jail Supritendent 06452-231969 9471009854 N/A
Lead Bank Manager 06452-242442 9570900459 N/A
Sri N.K.Singh Commercial Tax Commissioner N/A 9470001723 N/A
MD Firoz Alam Assistant Commercial Tax Commissioner N/A 9431077086 N/A
Sri Uma Shankar District Mining Officer N/A 9470736200 N/A
Sri Binod Kumar Prasad Labour Superintendent N/A 7903714012/9097799425 N/A
Sri Kedar Nath Singh District Dairy Development Officer N/A 9471007417 N/A
Sri Ganesh Yadav Officer In-Charge Fire Brigade Katihar 06452-242200 7549382807 N/A
Sri Brajesh Kumar Income Tax Officer 06452-248387 8986911322 N/A
Sri Sanjit Kumar Income Tax Officer N/A 8986912158 N/A
Sri Sanjay Kumar Pandit Assistant Settlement Officer N/A 7870747585 N/A
Sri Prafful Yadav Executive Officer Nagar Panchayat,Manihari N/A 9430245296 ctmgr.manihari[at]
Sri Sunil Malgaren District Project Manager Jeevika 06452-245484 7781009664 N/A